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360Fashion Network Teams Up With University of New South Wales (UNSW) to Develop LED Wearable Technology

2016/10/11  14:25 - 360Fashion Network has teamed up with University of New South Wales (UNSW) to get forty UNSW Art and Design students thinking about design, battery placement and how light can become another element to create emotion in a product.

Smart Clothing Without Coding - Fashion Tech Maker Kits

2016/07/12  08:42 - At the Fashion Tech Berlin exhibition, 360Fashion Network displayed clothing and accessories made with 360Fash Tech Kits. Among the many items displayed, the "Robotic Dress Kit" stood out as a fashion maker kit for fashion designers to create their own intelligent clothing without the need to code or solder along with the "Motion Kit" enabling motion to trigger lighting.

360Fashion and Tech "Fashion Tech Day Amsterdam"

2016/07/08  12:57 - 360Fashion & Tech "Fashion Tech Day Amsterdam" on July 9th hosted by Makerversity. Take part in a day of fashion tech demonstrations, panel discussions, workshops, and an exhibition of smart fashion. This is going to be epic during Amsterdam Fashion Week!

Eileen Kirby Bringing Back the Art of Elegance One Dress at a Time!

2016/05/27  17:48 - The Eileen Kirby Collection (EK) is designed for women of all ages who appreciate fashion but also for a new generation of glamour girls brought up on a daily diet of red-carpet images and celebrity selfies. A collection of modern shapes and original design lines, with a classic retro ingredient incorporating gowns, cocktail dresses and evening wear.

Chic Petite Events Combines Art & Fashion at Creatives Uncovered April 7, 2016

2016/03/31  13:27 - Chic Petite Events are pleased to announce its latest event 'Creatives Uncovered' to be held in April. Creatives Uncovered is a link-up event platform for small business owners, graduates, entrepreneurs and sole traders to meet the creative industries that are vital in getting a business off the ground.

2014 GSMA-360Fashion and Tech Runway Show Offers the Integration of Fashion and Technology

2014/06/25  10:32 - At the GSMA-360Fashion & Tech Runway Show 2014 Special Performance co-organized by the MAE and 360Fashion Network on June 11, cutting-edge technologies such as 3D scanning, 3D printing, wearable technology and clothing robots are gradually penetrating into the fashion industry. This visual feast marks the first time to integrate the latest wearable technologies with innovative fashion designs in China, unveiling the hot points and latest trends in the integration of the fashion and technology industries.

[yellow tail] Presents: Creatives Uncovered, 6th February 2013

2013/02/01  13:57 - Creatives Uncovered a new event movement representing design, music, art, photography and fashion fusion. This is the ultimate showcase for talent in all creative fields to show off their skills from wed 6th feb to sat 9th feb 2013. As event creators, Chic Petite Events idea is to provide a platform for exposure. The work on display is sexy, bright, visual and eclectic. This is not your commercial cheesy fashion event, This is raw talent, uncovered for your viewing pleasure.

Creatives Uncovered Announce 4 Upcoming Events for 2013, the First Event will be on Feb 5th-9th 2013

2012/10/23  07:04 - Creatives Uncovered are looking for Sponsors & collaborators who understand and support the creatives uncovered concept. Creatives Uncovered is the new event movement representing design, music, art and fashion fusion. This is the ultimate showcase for new brands in all creative fields to show off their skills in Sydney's industrial-chic mecca at St Peter's Tortuga studios.

Chic Petite Events and Shop2 proudly presents... Creatives Uncovered

2012/09/11  11:19 - Creatives uncovered "where creatives come alive". Introducing a 4 day event, Showcasing talent from all over Australia and overseas. A mash up of creative's bringing together art, music, photography, design, fashion, styling and installation in a public exhibition. Come and connect, network, support and appreciate these fresh & original talented individuals, This event is not about red carpets and D list celebrity attendance, this about supporting the stars of tomorrow icking off the 4 day exhibition on Wednesday 26th Sept 2012 will be the Launch Party, a ticket only event.

Harnessing the Potential of Fashion Export E-tailing

2012/08/31  12:17 - In collaboration with NSW Trade & Investment, Austrade and Fashion Group International, TFIA is delighted to invite you to our Fashion Export Cluster Workshop, which will focus on the nuts and bolts of how to build and promote your digital/online platforms. Come and join us to hear from some of the most knowledgeable experts working in this space.

The Launch of A New Republic

2012/08/24  12:02 - A local online fashion destination has made the bold move to join the likes of 99Dresses, BigCommerce and the many other Australian-founded websites entering the global playing field. Sydney based Young Republic is setting their sights on becoming the go-to destination for designers and lovers of independent fashion all around the world with the launch of their new international online marketplace today. Visit

Lindsay Lou Exhibits 'On the Prowl' At Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/23  03:21 - The Designer - Much like the beautiful pieces she creates, Lindsay expresses her fun loving party girl personality through her creations. Lindsay Hofman grew up in the city of Leeds in the UK & graduated with a BA Honours in fashion & clothing.

Creatives Uncovered Proud To Partner With Australian Institute of Styling

2012/05/18  08:35 - We are so happy to have AIOS working with us on Creatives uncovered "where creatives come alive". Introducing a 3 day event, Showcasing talent from all over Australia and overseas. A mash up of creative's bringing together art, music, photography, design, fashion, dance, styling and installation in a public exhibition.

Truso To Showcase at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/17  11:39 - Liz Brown's label, Truso was created from the Sydney based designers love of printed fabrics. The name Truso is an adaptation of 'Trouseauxs Treasures,' Liz's Grandfathers women's lingerie label that was based in Sydney in the 1950/60's.

Kelly Hobson Introduces Her Fashion Photography at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/16  04:19 - For as long as she can remember Kelly Hobson has had a love of photography and being able to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Kelly never leaves the house without her camera and any opportunity she gets, she has her camera out composing the perfect image to capture a scene that will inspire others.

Red Sky At Night Jewellery Debuts at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/10  05:10 - Tribal with a twist... Red Sky At Night Jewellery is powerful, unique and raw. Exhibiting for the first time at underground Sydney fashion show "Creatives Uncovered".

Susie Sawaya Sydney To Showcase Luxury Shoe Label at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/04  05:20 - The Susie Sawaya Sydney brand is a luxury shoe label that has had shoes designed by Susie Sawaya and lovingly hand made in a small factory right here in Sydney, Australia. Staying true to the Australian Manufacturing Industry, Susie sourced all leathers used in her debut collection only from NSW Leather.

Soot-ii Hothersall Gets a Kick Out of 2012

2012/05/03  04:18 - When sleek, street-smart women who are a little out of the ordinary look for Aussie made clothing that's distinctive and bold, they look to Soot-ii Hothersall.

Lauren Pottier Will Showcase Her Uniquely Earthy Range of Swimwear at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/02  04:56 - Laurens creative hand-made designs made locally capture the stunning vibrancy of the natural environment allowing women to express their inner most desires through the clothing they love to wear.

Fashion Retailer GASP Jeans Launches Integrated Ecommerce Website

2012/03/23  12:13 - Australian fashion label GASP, boutique stockist of international clothing labels Sherri Hill and Jovani, has launched a brand new online retail offering with Australasian ecommerce specialists, Solutionists. boasts full integration with their Point of Sale system, Counter Intelligence, delivering real time stock levels and pricing online.

Fashion and Mobile Technologies Created by 360Fashion Launched at the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC)

2012/03/20  04:58 - 360Fashion Network has been invited by the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC) to create an 800-sqm FASHION AND MOBILE ZONE during the show which is be held at the New China International Exhibition Center from March 26th - 29th, 2012.

LOVELeigh Designs Debuts 'Jungle Fever' Collection at Chic Petite Presents Creatives

2012/01/25  15:06 - Hailing originally from Canada- now living in Australia, Morgan Leigh is striving to create a socially conscious clothing company. Mixing the need and desire to help those less fortunate, while creating current, unique yet trendy pieces all working towards empowering and helping those around the world who need a helping hand and a little bit love.

Chic Petite Creatives Festival Announce Alchemia as Sponsors and Live Performance by Iron Rose

2012/01/25  13:25 - Chic Petite Presents...introduces a 4 day festival especially for creatives From Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th February 2012. Bringing together art, music photography, fashion, styling and installation in a public exhibition, combining all things creative.

Caressa to Showcase the Spirit Tree Collection and Art at Chic Petite Presents Creatives on February 1, 2012

2012/01/24  11:01 - At Chic Petite presents Creatives Caressa will be displaying a mixture of pieces from the Spirit Tree Collection Autumn/Winter 2012, a sneak peek of Spring/Summer 2012/13 Spirit Tree Collection and two stunning evening wear pieces that were entered in 2011 Deadly Dressed Competition and advanced through to the Finalist selection.

Chic Petite Presents A Four Day Fashion and Arts Festival on February 1, 2012

2012/01/11  09:30 - Chic Petite Presents... introduces a 4 day festival especially for creatives From Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th February 2012. Bringing together art, photography, fashion, styling and installation in a public exhibition, combining all things creative.

Young Republic Joins Forces With Bizarre Bazaar Twilight Fashion Market

2012/01/10  14:09 - Online fashion hotspot Young Republic has joined forces with A Series Of Fortunate Events to transform monthly pop up fashion night market Bizarre Bazaar into an exclusive online shopping portal, accessible to all.

Young Republic Introduces Its Latest Platform: The Establishment

2011/12/02  14:14 - The Marketplace meets The Establishment, Young Republic introduces its latest platform: The Establishment, designed to empower emerging designers from around the globe in a community of established and loved worldwide brands.

Chic Petite Presents... Creatives - Tha Launch on Tuesday November 1, 2011

2011/10/28  10:01 - In Association with Ella Rouge, Chic Petite Presents...introduces a 5 day festival especially for creatives From Tuesday 1st Nov to Saturday 5th Nov. Bringing together art, photography, fashion, styling and installation in a public exhibition, combining all things creative.

5 Day Fashion and Arts Festival to Support Sydney's Creative Industry

2011/10/12  10:10 - In Association with Ella Rouge, Chic Petite Presents...introduces a 5 day festival especially for creative's. From Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th Nov. Bringing together art, photography, fashion, styling and installation in a public exhibition. A "boutique" warehouse experience which shines a spotlight on talented newcomers who are trying to build a solid reputation for themselves as a highly skilled artists and creating platforms for exposure.

International Designer Clover Love To Showcase Her Artistic Ability and Girl-Next-Door Couture During Chic Petite Presents... Creatives

2011/07/26  11:50 - Artist and designer Kristie Stenning brings you her label Clover Love, a beautiful line of girl-next-door couture inspired by her life growing up on the shores of Sydney, Australia. Clover Love embraces a style that speaks to the free spirit in all of us.

Ama Garatshun Swim and Resort Wear To Officially Launch During Chic Petite Presents Creatives Festival

2011/07/19  14:24 - Ama Garatshun Swim and Resort Wear will be officially launching to the public on the 26th July 2011 through an amazing opportunity with Chic Petite Presents. On the night, her small eleven piece collection will be opening the runway show.

Chic Petite Presents... Creatives - A Four-Day Fashion and Art Festival

2011/07/14  10:27 - Chic Petite Presents... introduces a four-day festival especially for creatives. Bringing together art, photography, graphic design, fashion, styling and installation in a public exhibition. The creators of Launch My Label fashion shows are combining all things creative in this four-day festival situated in an underground, industrial warehouse space dedicated to helping young creatives, Queen St Studio (2 minutes from Central Station).

MPDClick Trend Update: Milan Fashion Week - Menswear SS12

2011/07/05  10:25 - Milan is revered worldwide as an influential hub, boasting a horde of premium designer houses and labels, whilst the city's ready-to-wear fashion weeks are among the most anticipated on the schedule. We were in attendance for the SS12 round of menswear shows, pens poised to note down the prominent trends of the season.

MPDClick Report: Graduate Fashion Week 2011

2011/06/21  14:16 - As we prepare for the spring/summer 12 ready-to-wear season to commence we wet our appetites with the various annual graduate events that introduce a fresh batch of talent to the fashion industry. Graduate Fashion Week brings together the UK's BA students at the vast Earls Court venue with a static exhibition and a packed schedule of runway shows. We were in attendance for the grand gala day and were astounded by the commercial sensibilities of 2011's, industry aware graduates.

Join The Havana Boho Journey at Flawless...

2011/06/10  14:58 - Young and fresh designer, Chloe Graye is the creator and life behind Australia's fashion jewellery label, Havana Boho. Inspired by the spiritual side of life, Chloe uses her jewels to take each wearer on a journey of the soul- the search for inner peace, unconditional love and happiness, connection to this world and the next, and ultimately, enlightenment.

A Lush Floral Bouquet Supports The Awareness of Fundraising Fashion Show, Flawless

2011/06/07  12:11 - Flawless Fashion Show Welcomes aboard FLOURISH... Flourish is a proud supporter in Flawless Fashion Show's Charity Auction. Flourish is a supporter of all four Flawless charities, and has made donations of Flourish Perfumes to help raise funds & awareness for; Make A Wish, The Salvation Army, Save The Children & Boystown.

April Marie Swimwear Brings Endless Summer To Flawless Exclusive

2011/06/06  16:49 - Riding high on a wave of success following her showing at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) is April Hewat's beachwear label April Marie Swimwear. Attracting effortless attention with her bold, brave approach to beach chic, Hewat is part of the vanguard of exciting Australian swimwear designers redefining the way we see swimwear.

Ace Of Spades in Conjunction With Flawless Launches Fashion & Arts Film Services

2011/06/06  10:50 - Launching in late 2011, Ace Of Spades Films is a production house providing creative film services for the fashion & arts industries, and specialising in Music Video production for artists of the Electronica Dance music genre. Created in 2010 by 21-year-old upcoming director and producer Tim Clifford, Ace Of Spades' single focus is to bring about a new and unique element to the collective creative force, through the medium of cutting edge film.

You Are The Supermodel Becomes Media Partner for Global Fashion Wire

2011/06/06  10:08 - You Are The Supermodel TV show, produced by Media Knights LLC, have announced their collaboration with Global Fashion Wire. The award winning Florida based studios have officially been announced as Media Partners of the global content distributor, based in Sydney, Australia. Global Fashion Wire ( state that they "believe in unlocking the full potential of each publication, media release, collection and product launch." They are global leaders in the importance of keeping up with how media, consumers, retailers, brands and manufacturers today access their information via electronic media.

Flawless Gets Their RA On!

2011/06/01  13:30 - Flawless and The RA Look strive for quality, personal and professional services at all time for 'our' Australian Designers. We understand the work, time, money, blood, sweat and tears it takes to get noticed and compete in an industry that eats amateurs alive. Competition in the industry is intense and a designers brand needs to demonstrate to both consumers and fashion buyers a sense of their personal style and uniqueness.

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