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Miss Universe Australia and Channel Seven's Sunrise Offers Designers A Chance of A Lifetime - To Design the Australian National Costume

2012/09/13  13:23 - Miss Universe Australia are pleased to announce a competition with Sunrise Channel 7 to design the Australian National Costume. Miss Universe Australia and Channel Seven's Sunrise invite anyone from amateur to budding fashion designers or school groups to professionals to design and create the 2012 Australian National Costume worn by Miss Universe Australia. The costume represents what it means to be Australian.

Chic Petite Events and Shop2 proudly presents... Creatives Uncovered

2012/09/11  11:19 - Creatives uncovered "where creatives come alive". Introducing a 4 day event, Showcasing talent from all over Australia and overseas. A mash up of creative's bringing together art, music, photography, design, fashion, styling and installation in a public exhibition. Come and connect, network, support and appreciate these fresh & original talented individuals, This event is not about red carpets and D list celebrity attendance, this about supporting the stars of tomorrow icking off the 4 day exhibition on Wednesday 26th Sept 2012 will be the Launch Party, a ticket only event.

Fashioning Our Industry Announces Master Classes in Law for Online Fashion Companies

2012/08/31  01:10 - Fashioning Our Industry announces, Law for Online Fashion Companies, the first in a series of Master Classes produced in partnership with our sponsor, Loeb & Loeb LLP. This Master Class takes place on September 4, 2012 at 6:30 PM and is taught by Michael Jones, an associate with expertise in online privacy issues, media, telecommunications, and internet and mobile advertising. Read his bio here:

The Set NYC Kicks Off Fashion Week NYC with After Party to Benefit "Restore"

2012/08/28  11:54 - The Set NYC hosts Fashion Week 2012 with an after party to benefit Restore, a non-profit that helps victims of sex-slave trafficking. Designers featured include Berit New York, Ferknot, Lorimay Rodriguez, Dopehouse and Pauletta Brooks. Special gifts by Beautegy with DJ J Hooks.

NYC Fashion Runway Presents Triple Dare: Stunning High Fashion 3 Couture Fashion Designers

2012/08/02  03:54 - NYC Fashion Runway is thrilled to announce the designer line-up for its monthly fashion event, featuring the S/S 2012 collections from the most talented emerging couture designers including minimalistic futuristic FIT graduates Yoonheek & Dhan by Yoonhee Joe & Dahn Duangkamol and beautiful chic high fashion designers Ola Style by Ola Hawatmeh and Obradoiro De Moda by Bertha Alicia Astor.

NYC Fashion Runway presents: CITROLINA by Citra Gala - Golden Collection Straight From The Exotic Heart of India

2012/07/09  11:14 - With one-of-a-kind couture garments CITROLINA by Citra Gala's golden collection, brings out the goddess in any woman with her exotic embellished embroidery. The plethora of patterns and striking colors is the true mark of perfection of this CITROLINA collection.

NYC Fashion Runway Presents: Fashion So Hot It Will Make Your Eyes Bleed (in a good way), Friday 29 June - Copocabana

2012/06/20  13:44 - NYC Fashion Runway presents: Fashion So Hot It Will Make Your Eyes Bleed (in a good way), Friday 29 June, Copacabana - Times Square Terrace Roooftop. NYC Fashion Runway gives classic, up-and-coming and emerging fashion designers a chance to showcase their collections in the public domain, offering unique runway, press and brand opportunities.

NYC Fashion Runway Presents 3 Glamorous Fashion Designers, Friday 22 June, Copacabana - Times Square Terrace Roooftop

2012/05/31  03:07 - Why wait until Fashion Week in September when you can have all the classic and emerging fashion designers' shows each month in New York City? - With one-of-a-kind aesthetics and absolute passion, NYC Fashion Runway's ( fashion designers will arrive at the major leagues with exceptional collections that everyone will be talking about, and soon wearing.

Inditex (MCE:ITX) Expansion Continues Strong, With 2011 Net Sales Rising 10%

2012/05/30  03:39 - The Inditex Group's (MCE:ITX) net sales (1 February 2011 to 31 January 2012) rose by 10% in 2011 from 2010 to 13.8 billion euros. Net sales increased in all geographic areas (Spain, the rest of Europe, the Americas, Asia and the rest of the world). Net income totalled 1.9 billion euros, an increase of 12% from 2010. Net sales in local currencies rose by 11%, while like-for-like store sales climbed by 4%.

Lindsay Lou Exhibits 'On the Prowl' At Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/23  03:21 - The Designer - Much like the beautiful pieces she creates, Lindsay expresses her fun loving party girl personality through her creations. Lindsay Hofman grew up in the city of Leeds in the UK & graduated with a BA Honours in fashion & clothing.

Fashioning Our Industry: May 31st Keynote Breakfast With The Gilt Groupe Founders

2012/05/19  02:55 - Fashioning Our Industry announces a keynote breakfast with Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the founders of Gilt Groupe. This event is the first in a series of keynote breakfasts produced by Fashioning Our Industry to bring together successful fashion entrepreneurs.

Creatives Uncovered Proud To Partner With Australian Institute of Styling

2012/05/18  08:35 - We are so happy to have AIOS working with us on Creatives uncovered "where creatives come alive". Introducing a 3 day event, Showcasing talent from all over Australia and overseas. A mash up of creative's bringing together art, music, photography, design, fashion, dance, styling and installation in a public exhibition.

Truso To Showcase at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/17  11:39 - Liz Brown's label, Truso was created from the Sydney based designers love of printed fabrics. The name Truso is an adaptation of 'Trouseauxs Treasures,' Liz's Grandfathers women's lingerie label that was based in Sydney in the 1950/60's.

Kelly Hobson Introduces Her Fashion Photography at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/16  04:19 - For as long as she can remember Kelly Hobson has had a love of photography and being able to capture memories that will last a lifetime. Kelly never leaves the house without her camera and any opportunity she gets, she has her camera out composing the perfect image to capture a scene that will inspire others.

Furne One Couture Captivates Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/05/14  13:43 - Captivating on-lookers with their plush fabrics and playful textures, Furne One was nothing short of mind blowing with a back-lit, smoke filled runway at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week.

Gabriel Lage Brightens The Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week Runway

2012/05/14  12:46 - Hollywood-esque glamor gowns enhanced the Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week runway with the embellished, handmade garments of Argentina's Gabriel Lage.

Thang de Hoo Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/05/10  06:30 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - Cultured elegance captivated industry insiders on the Thang de Hoo runway at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week, as a host of stylish thigh-high garments sizzled to Chris Isaak's Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing.

Betty Tran - The New Black At Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/05/10  05:35 - It was one of a few standout Australian collections at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week. One of which everyone was eagerly awaiting... and it didn't disappoint; packing out the venue with over 600 guests all vying for a peek at who the Betty Tran woman would be this season.

Red Sky At Night Jewellery Debuts at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/10  05:10 - Tribal with a twist... Red Sky At Night Jewellery is powerful, unique and raw. Exhibiting for the first time at underground Sydney fashion show "Creatives Uncovered".

House Of Zaccaria - Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/05/08  15:45 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - Summer lovin' had me a blast at the House of Zaccaria runway at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week. Where fabrics flowed and separates showed in pretty prints, gorgeous peplums and an array of modern and classic lines from their Truth in Beauty collection.

Francesca Di Maria; Si, Si, Si - Savour Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/05/08  15:00 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - It's not every (fashion) week that you get to experience international fashion at its best. So when I found out we had Francesca Di Maria (FDM) from Italy in the Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week runway line up I knew Perth was in for a real treat.

Susie Sawaya Sydney To Showcase Luxury Shoe Label at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/04  05:20 - The Susie Sawaya Sydney brand is a luxury shoe label that has had shoes designed by Susie Sawaya and lovingly hand made in a small factory right here in Sydney, Australia. Staying true to the Australian Manufacturing Industry, Susie sourced all leathers used in her debut collection only from NSW Leather.

Dreamtime Delights The Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week Runway

2012/05/03  05:25 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - Dreamtime, a Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week initiative, showcased five extremely talented Indigenous labels; Deadly Divas, Eva Wanganeen, Bandi Bandi, Kaninda Designs and Buli-J, to which I expected the most creativity and in fact, was pleasantly more-than satisfied.

Soot-ii Hothersall Gets a Kick Out of 2012

2012/05/03  04:18 - When sleek, street-smart women who are a little out of the ordinary look for Aussie made clothing that's distinctive and bold, they look to Soot-ii Hothersall.

Lauren Pottier Will Showcase Her Uniquely Earthy Range of Swimwear at Creatives Uncovered

2012/05/02  04:56 - Laurens creative hand-made designs made locally capture the stunning vibrancy of the natural environment allowing women to express their inner most desires through the clothing they love to wear.

Tarvydas Turns The Volume Up At Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/05/01  07:26 - In what started as a dark and mystical performance by Tarvydas at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week, models gracefully flowed to and fro down the runway. Combining clean, fresh silks and embellished, tiered and feathered shoulders, the dream-like collection pleased a posse of on-lookers at the packed out venue.

Gabriel Lage Brings His Argentine Elegance to Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/04/23  04:24 - Gabriel Lage forges his own career influenced by his father and grandfather who were the highly known Spanish tailors of Haute Couture that introduced him in the world of fashion during his adolescence (and from whom he learned the European techniques of Haute Couture and the finest skills of handmade high quality garments).

Anticipation Builds For Kelly Rowland's Performance At Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/04/19  05:53 - Set to showcase Perth's creative talent onto the International fashion stage, Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week is inching closer... and with much anticipation building for its fashion, excitement is also building for the extraordinary performance Kelly Rowland (photographed below at Superfest in Brisbane this evening) is set to close the Week with at the Fashion Hearts Gala Benefit on Monday 23rd April.

Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week: Jessica Bratich

2012/04/16  12:53 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - Dare to be different with bright burning colours and contrasting edgy zips from Jessica Bratich's Spring Summer 12/13 collection of clutches, handbags, travel bags, laptop bags and wallets!

Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week: It's On The Plus Side

2012/04/16  11:36 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - Cheryl Zuvelek, the creative behind Perth's curvy girl label Plus Side, is set to showcase the new Spring Summer 12/13 collection; Femin-a-Luscious, at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week on Sunday 22nd April at 11am.

Buli-J Brings an Edge to Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week's Dreamtime Show

2012/04/13  15:35 - Buli-J Australia was launched by new designer Michael Jauncey in 2007. Buli-J designs are recognisably Indigenous Australian. By uniting indigenous themes and fashion, Mick uses the label as a creative outlet that provides a positive and light hearted way in which all people can identify with and embrace a multicultural way of living. One that accepts the past while moving into a future that respects and is proud of Aboriginal Australia.

Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week All Set To Hit The Runway Next Week

2012/04/12  11:30 - For 5 days next week (April 19th-23rd) Perth will be abuzz with fashion glitz and glamour as West Australian designers showcase their Spring/Summer 2012/2013 collections at the inaugural Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week (Savoir Faire PFW). They will be joined by a selection of the world's most exciting fashion designers showcasing the latest global fashion trends.

Accomplished Indigenous Silk Artist and Designer To Showcase at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/04/10  10:01 - Eva Wanganeen's Silk Road: Nestled at the edge of the magnificent World heritage listed Daintree Rainforest near Cairns, Australian Indigenous silk artist and designer Eva Wanganeen produces limited edition silk scarves and garments for high-end boutique markets and is quickly emerging with giant, capable steps managing multifarious influences.

Furne One of Amato Haute Couture to Showcase His Glamorous Avant-Garde Designs at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/04/10  08:30 - Dubai-based, Amato, meaning "beloved", has amazed glamorous fashion crowds globally with consistently fabulous and unique collections of bespoke gowns by the creative master Furne One.

Peridot London To Bring Its Rich Legacy and Innovative Designs to The Catwalk at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/04/06  04:37 - The Peridot London woman is free spirited, glamorous, intelligent, confident and impeccably stylish - the culture of the brand is versatile and the pieces work as the key 'go to' staples of a woman's wardrobe." Rachel Wilson.

PLUS SIDE Announce The Launch of The Femin-a-Luscious Collection for Spring/Summer 2012/13 at Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week

2012/04/05  12:20 - It's on the Plus Side has been styling fuller figured women including celebrities for many years. Owner and designer of the Plus Side label, Cheryl Zuvelek, has a passion for making curvy women look and feel stunning in designs that compliment her curves. It is her belief that confidence and self esteem are enhanced by the clothing one wears and that every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

World Fashion Week (WFW) Pre-Events Series To Kick-Off at The Historic 1st Edition Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week, Australia

2012/04/04  10:15 - As a prelude to the Inaugural Ceremony - Ist. Annual World Fashion Week (WFW) to be held in New York City in fall 2013, and as part of the WFW Pre-Events Series, Perth, Western Australia, will welcome leading WFW nominated fashion designers from Europe, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, advocating for a fair and sustainable global fashion industry.

Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week To Showcase Indigenous Designers

2012/04/04  09:31 - Perth Fashion Week 2012 is delighted to announce for the first time in Australian fashion week history the launch of "Dream Time" which will showcase WA Indigenous Designers. Perth Fashion Week will set up a programme for Indigenous artists, textile artists and designers that will provide the tools and the platform for Indigenous creatives to gain recognition in an international arena.

Perth's Most Anticipated Fashion Event For 2012!

2012/04/03  10:45 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - Since well before The Fashion Catalyst's inception I have believed in the vast talent of Perth's existing and up-and-coming Designers. In fact, it was upon a great passion of mine for Perth's fashion, combined with female intuition, that I coined The Fashion Catalyst.

Betty Tran To Transform Savoir Faire Perth Fashion Week Runway

2012/04/03  08:55 - (The Fashion Catalyst) - Who is Betty Tran? - Betty Tran is confident, successful and flawlessly chic. She exudes an aura that summons attention. She's a multitasking success story; with impeccable style!

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