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Distributed: June 10, 2011

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Sydney, June 10, 2011 (Global Fashion Wire) - Young and fresh designer, Chloe Graye is the creator and life behind Australia's fashion jewellery label, Havana Boho.

Inspired by the spiritual side of life, Chloe uses her jewels to take each wearer on a journey of the soul- the search for inner peace, unconditional love and happiness, connection to this world and the next, and ultimately, enlightenment.

"If only one wearer can draw something meaningful, eye opening and life changing from my jewellery, then my heart is happy and my work is done! My jewellery and the story behind it, is to be a little reminder for the wearer- a little something that helps them stay grounded and focused on the important factors in life, you know, the things that make our heart skip a beat, the things that drive us to live life to the fullest and the things that help us become a better spirit," - Chloe Graye.

Havana Boho is a versatile label, expanding from earth child collections to a more street and edgier style- there is bound to be something for you! The base component of all Havana Boho jewellery is sterling silver, and is only combined with the highest quality threads, beads and gemstones such as Arizona turquoise, South African ruby, and aquamarine plus many more... definitely giving you quality for your money.

Havana Boho will be attending Sydney's prestige fashion event Flawless in July this year, stocking many of the label's favourite and popular jewels plus some exclusive and elite designs, only available for Flawless attendants.

Follow Havana Boho on Facebook and keep an eye out for the new website which is currently underway. This is one Australian fashion label with a lot of potential!

For more information drop Chloe an email at:

Or come visit Havana Boho's stall at Flawless Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July, 2010.

Havana Boho..."a memory of the inner you"...

Havana Boho Facebook:

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