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Distributed: Dec 17, 2010

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Sydney, Dec 17, 2010 (Global Fashion Wire) - From the Three Sisters with love. The Art Lounge, Sydney, December 12, Global Fashion Wire attended the Khamoda charity event, in support of The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

The glamorous evening affair, dedicated to a great cause, was kicked off by Justine Eltakchi with a heartful voice and accoustic accompaniment. The models followed soon after, parading the dazzling yet elegant Autumn/Winter Khamoda collection. Before the audience knew it, the models had strutted their stuff and began swarming into the audience, seducing individuals to purchase raffle tickets, with prizes ranging from bikes to miniature mountains of chocolate. The three sisters, designers of both the inspiring evening wear range and the evening itself, sold hundreds of raffle tickets to raise funds for the children at Westmead Children's Hospital, and successfully raised more than they expected.

The night paraded on with the energizing singing of Fayde and Mannyboy, the everpresent tempting candy bar which even the models could not resist, as well as the revelation of the final part of the Khamoda range.

Khamoda's collection "Midnight Affair" is developing here and now what will one day be viewed as stunning classics. Khamoda designs are extremely structural, almost architectural, with alluring textures and bold contouring lines. The dress "Midnight Magic" immediately demonstrates the expertise with which the Khamoda designs are created. The sisters have managed to turn 'a little black dress' into an absolute wonder, with just a few ingenuitive cuts and a twist on the traditional halter neck. The entire collection maintains gorgeous structured sillhouettes, which are flattering to the female figure and stay true to the essence of "Midnight Affair".

Every piece is sexy and creates distant dreams of wild and wonderful whisperings to come in the whirlwind of a "Midnight Affair", while still making a statement of class and grace. The sultry pallette of the collection creates an air of mystery surrounding each piece and any girl lucky enough to wear one of these enchanting works of art.

The sisters' designs are influenced by aspects of their lives that are close to their hearts. The variety of the collection is a result of the diversity of their individual personalities. Each sister has her own style and quirky traits, which compliment one another and successfully infuse to produce masterpieces. The influence of their worldly and cultured understanding of society shines through the effortless sophistication of each piece.

It is the attention to detail and love, put into each piece, which sets the sisters' designs high amongst the midnight stars. The consideration reflected in every piece is thanks to their Chaldean Christian background, and raises their work to the level of an ancient craftsman. However, these glamazons are no old men. Every piece may be elegant and beautiful, but every piece has its fair pinch of sassy seductiveness, which is what gives Khamoda that long searched for edge.

Like true artists the three sisters also receive inspiration from the smallest of details, all it can take is a texture or a hue and a whole piece is conspired.

The skill and talent lying within Khamoda became undeniable when the sisters demonstrated how they were able to bring a suit jacket into the minds of all men as being super sexy. "Ms Tuxedo" tells the world who is boss, and who the suit jacket was really made for. With a plunging luscious blue collar, puffed shoulders, and cherry cute buttons to perfectly bring in the waist, Khamoda gives femininity to the suit jacket, making the perfect statement to reflect the changing times and role of women.

The sheer beauty of the entire collection springs from the love which emanates from the sisters. They clearly care for each other, a caring they draw passion and inspiration from when designing. The sisters chose to extend their love to the children of The Children's Hospital of Westmead, and use their talent to raise money for this cause which they hold so close to their hearts.

The show continued with the "wow" factor right to the end, as the night was perfectly summed up by a performance from "Sax On Legs", bringing the crowd to the dance floor to celebrate a successful night for both The Children's Hospital at Westmead, and Khamoda.

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