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Nov 14, 2018



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 $10,000 FBI Fashion Business Initiative Applications Now Open
AUG 4, 2016 15:11 - Article Views: 1,494
Applications for the $10,000 FBI Fashion Business Initiative are now open for 2016. The annual Fashion Business Initiative aims to assist FBI entrepreneurs in the growth and development of their Fashion Business. Whether it be a retail store, online publication or designer label - all types of Fashion businesses are eligible.
 FBI Fashion College Goes Global #FBIGlobal
AUG 3, 2016 17:02 - Article Views: 2,225
Travelling the world goes hand-in-hand with the Fashion industry. FBI Fashion College offers students unique international experiences early on in their journey, recently embarking to Paris with twenty Fashion students for a ten day study trip.
 An International Education in Fashion
JUN 28, 2016 07:52 - Article Views: 2,506
The countdown has commenced for FBI Fashion College's Global Fashion Experiences. With a remaining six days until FBI embarks on a once in a life time opportunity with twenty students, excitement is most definitely in the air.

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