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Taobao 기업 정보

Launched in 2003, Taobao ( is the largest online retail website in China, offering both C2C and B2C shopping platforms as well as a variety of features and services aimed at creating a holistic shopping experience. The company’s mission is to foster a comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem that will provide partners and consumers with the best user experience possible. Taobao currently has more than 800 million product listings at any given time and serves more than 370 million registered users. It receives more than 50 million unique visitors daily and is one of the top 20 most visited websites in the world according to Alexa. Taobao Mall (, a dedicated B2C platform introduced by Taobao in 2008 with more than 30,000 local and global brands, features product verticals including Consumer Electronics Mall, Korean Mall, Hong Kong Design Gallery Mall, Designer Footwear Mall, Home Furnishing Mall and Beauty Mall. Taobao is wholly owned by Alibaba Group.

회사 데이터

Company 주요 분야 무역 및 상거래 
Company 주요 기업 Consumer & Retail Products 
Company 홈페이지

16,275 회사소개

검색 횟수: (지난 7일간: 419) (지난 30일간: 603) (게재 이후: 4639) 

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