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Google Finance 1688.HK  1688(HK)  ISIN:KYG017171003Hong Kong Stock Exchange

지연 데이타:
구글 차트 기업 정보 (HKG:1688) is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses and the flagship company of Alibaba Group. Founded in 1999 in Hangzhou, China, makes it easy for millions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online through three marketplaces: a global trade platform ( for importers and exporters; a Chinese platform ( for domestic trade in China; and, through an associated company, a Japanese platform ( facilitating trade to and from Japan. In addition, offers a transaction-based wholesale platform on the global site ( geared for smaller buyers seeking fast shipment of small quantities of goods. Together, these marketplaces form a community of more than 61 million registered users in more than 240 countries and regions.

회사 데이터

Company 주요 분야 무역 및 상거래 
Company 주요 기업 Consumer & Retail Products 
Company 홈페이지

23,994 회사소개

검색 횟수: (지난 7일간: 280) (지난 30일간: 424) (게재 이후: 4095) 

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