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Stradivarius 会社の概要

Fashion in constant movement. Its essence is based on the glamour and style that a woman desires to acquire.

The spirit of Stradivarius is feminine, fresh and creative. Stradivarius represents dream and fantasy in a real world. Stradivarius aims to captivate the public through its designs

Stradivarius was developed in 1994 starting with an innovative store concept. It offered customers a unique shopping experience. In 1999 Stradivarius joined the Inditex Group due to its fast growth.

Stradivarius presents catwalk trends perfectly suited to customers' daily needs.

Stradivarius fills the street with women who radiate unique and exclusive styles. Our brand helps customers to develop a personal interpretation of the latest fashion and encourages them to use their imagination while combining its collections.


Company 主なセクター 自動車 
Company 主な業種 テキスタイル,衣服 
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