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Fashion Palette 会社の概要

Fashion Palette, is a creative new platform where the fashion savvy can come face-to-face with fashion luminaries such as Wayne Cooper, Samantha Wills, Marie Richie (HUSSY), Nikita Sernack (NOOKIE) plus many more who will share their visions, techniques and creative processes. Learn what it takes to be a success in the competitive world of fashion, plus be treated to an awe-inspiring collection of runway shows.

Building the bridge between leading and emerging designers, the Fashion Palette Runway will merge the gap for the first time. Showcasing an array of Fashion, Swimwear, Footwear & Accessory designers from the likes of Australia's most influential 'fashionpreneurs' such as Wayne Cooper, through to undiscovered breathtaking labels from all over the country!

If you love fashion, then Fashion Palette is for you!


Company 主なセクター ライフスタイル 
Company 主な業種 テキスタイル,衣服 
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