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Moss Bros Group plc 公司资料

From modest beginnings in 1851 in a corner of London’s Covent Garden, Moss Bros has been at the forefront of menswear through the decades. WW1 military, 20s’ royal courts, 30s’ cruise liners, 60s’ mod fashion, 80s’ power suits, today’s high-profile society events – and we’re still ahead of the game.

Our proud and unique heritage gives us the core values we’ve held since the beginning: an unceasing commitment to quality service and products. Our talented buyers, knowledgeable store assistants and caring customer service team make up the Moss Bros family of the 21st century, leading the market into the exciting times ahead.

Passion for style, unrivalled expertise and a proud heritage that spans over a century: Moss Bros is the UK’s most famous name in men’s clothing.

Moss Bros Group Plc has over 150 retail outlets nationwide.


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