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Apparel Group is home to the iconic Australian fashion brands Sportscraft and SABA. The company also has a private label division which provides design and manufacturing services for many leading Australian retailers.

Owned by the Marshall and Michael families, Apparel Group was established in the early 1950's. It's headquarters are in Sydney's Waterloo, with other offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Today, the Apparel Group employs over 900 people.

A leader in the Australian fashion industry, Apparel Group designs and manages its brands in Australia with strong manufacturing relationships throughout China.

Known for its quality and craftsmanship, Apparel Group sources the best fabrics from Europe and around the world, controlling the supply chain to ensure each and every garment produced is of the highest quality.


Company 主要部门 时装和化妆品 
Company 支柱产业 纺织与服装 
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